Paul Towey

Baseborn in Bristol Maternity Hospital. Slept in a drawer at 80 Cotham Road. Deposited at Nazareth House. Rescued by an Irish couple. Schooled Catholic in Cheltenham. Altar Boy / Paper boy / Naughty Boy. Friends and Laughter. First Love found in Clifton, Bristol. Easily distracted. Scraped through examinations. Lazy Scholar and Unmusical Musician. Juvenile Poet and Kitchen Porter. Art Student. Non-Driver Thicky. Seeker of Romance and maker of Noise. Grenadier. Tutelage and Comradeship. Barman and Shirt Salesman. Sheffield and London. Unpublished and Unhappy Writer. Bald, Bold and Driving. International Engineer. Dead Dad. Bespectacled and Tattooed. Tall Pony. Leeds Leeds Leeds. Obscure Artist. Regretful and Thoughtful. Duty in Cheltenham. Not pets, no plants. Obscure Writer. Plan to move to, and die in, Connaught.

Paul Towey does not live in London. He is not happily married. Childless. He doesn’t even have a dog. He makes Art….and writes.

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